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Wood Core Recurve Limbs ILF

  • Wood Core Recurve Limbs ILF

Our Price: £99.00

Wood Core Recurve Limbs (ILF)

We always have good stocks of ILF(International limb fit) wood core/ Glass Fibre limbs from a range of well known manufacturers - all have been proved to shoot well and consistently. Some times the brands on the limbs will differ to those pictured but all these wood core universal fitting glass limbs are a good beginner/intermediate choice offering a balance between consistency from shot to shot, performance and value to give you the confidence to progress without worrying if your equipment is up to it.

These limbs are not our entry level limbs but for a few £'s more offer a better shooting feel and being not too expensive still allow the newer archer to settle down in terms of draw length and draw weight and upgrade when necessary without breaking the bank.

Available in a good range of lengths and weights to suit everyone normally in stock.

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Steve - East Sussex

5 Stars

I was looking for an upgraded pair of limbs for my son's new Hoyt riser but had many problems getting a pair to fit the riser properly. I rang Perris and explained the problem and they agreed to fit these limbs to an identical riser in their shop and make any adjustments before dispatch. That was yesterday. Today my son is really pleased with his perfect new set up, and Perris even added a note to the receipt confirming the limbs had been checked. Thank you very much Perris. I wish I had come to you guys in the first place. fantastic customer service.

Normally in stock