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KSL Jet 6 Spin Vanes - NEW

KSL Jet 6 Spin Vanes - NEW
  • KSL Jet 6 Spin Vanes - NEW

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KSL Jet 6 Spin Vanes

Available in 1.75" (outdoors) or 2" (indoor/field archery)

1.75" In stock - limited availability

2" Sold Out

For Recurve and Compound

It has been too cold and windy to get a real appreciation of these vanes at 70m, but initial observations (Recurve) would suggest good arrow flight even in gusty conditions and good grouping, the key longer term will be the consistency, robustness and grouping in all weather conditions compared to existing vanes.We expect them to be robust as the initial target market is top international archers who will be shooting tight groups. Update - shooting tight groups indoors does not show up any wear and tear.

Putting to one side the aerodynamics these vanes remind you of the K Spin Vanes a similar feel and stiffness, but the KSL vanes have all the benefits of a spin vane - it can be applied with tape and does not require a dab of glue for top and tailing, making it easier for urgent repairs.

So for now lets talk about fitting them because they are one of the easiest vanes to fit accurately to a shaft. We feel these are designed for shafts no bigger in diameter than say an Easton ACE shaft, mainly because of the diameter of the shrink wrap top and tail collars and the radius of the foot of the vane. For ACC's bigger than a 3-00 diameter it might be easier to use top and tail spin wing tape to finish them off.

The use of very little heat to fix the shrink wrap is important, they need no more than a small amount of heat from a hairdryer. Get it too hot and the vanes will melt, also a word of caution if you use arrow wraps these seem to have only a slightly higher melting point than the shrink wrap collars.

The stiffness of the foot of the vane makes it easy to place accurately on the line, we are told fitting straight is recommended by KSL, but it is very easy to add a degree or two if required.. 

More later when we have had a chance to test them, not as a top international archer but how they perform for the rest of us. Update, unscientific testing would suggest that these do what they say on the box visual observations would suggest that the arrow flight is stabilised quicker. 

Download the KSL PDF here

See video below for an overview of how these vanes are designed to work.

KSL Jet6 Vanes are the result of a long period of development by internationally renowned USA coach Kisik Lee.


"KSL Jet6 Vanes will show unparalleled performances that have not been witnessed in any other vanes. As an archery coach, I firmly believe that this newest technology embedded in KSL Jet6 Vanes will increase average scores of all archery competitors worldwide. I expect new world records set with KSL Jet6 Vanes. I truly believe that KSL Jet6 Vanes will help improve personal best scores for all levels of competitors".

Professor Woongchul Dan Choi, Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering specializing in Fluid Dynamics, gives his analysis on how KSL Jet6 Vanes improve the flight of arrow.

"KSL Jet6 Vanes are designed with close attention to the aerodynamic research. It is very important to control the flow field around vanes to stabilise the flight of arrow. The developer designed six airways on the vane. Inner flows created by additional three airways pull the entire vortex structure to be converged. This effect ultimately reduces the drag force and alleviates the archer’s paradox quickly. As a result, you will get a stable formation of arrow impact points".

KSL Jet6 Vane description

Vortex Structure for increased spin and quicker stabilisation​​​​​

Contents of package
  • Pack of 50 vanes with self adhesive applying tape (52 strips) and shrink wrap (36) for top and tailing included.
  • Full instructions included
  • Four colour options available
  • Right or Left Hand options.

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