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Hoyt Epik Grand Prix (ILF) Riser

Hoyt Epik Grand Prix (ILF) Riser
  • Hoyt Epik Grand Prix (ILF) Riser

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Hoyt Epik Grand Prix Riser (ILF)


Model Grand Prix Epik 23 Grand Prix Epik 25
Length 23" 25"
Mass Weight 2.7 lbs / 1,225 grams 2.9 lbs / 1,315 grams
Riser Style Original Earl Hoyt Geometry Original Earl Hoyt Geometry
Limbs  View available limb options

Once you experience the dead-on alignment and durability of Hoyt’s Grand Prix Series risers, you will instantly understand why it is the most imitated system in recurve history. Hoyt invented the dovetail system more than 30 years ago and it was immediately adopted as the international system for recurve bows. In the three decades since, this system has been unsuccessfully imitated by companies the world over. Their efforts have proven one thing: no-one does it like Hoyt. 

For 2017 we are proud to introduce the all-new Grand Prix Epik, built on the award-winning Earl Hoyt geometry. The Epik is engineered specifically to maximize balance and stability, without sacrificing the snappiness and responsiveness that recurve shooters appreciate. Available in 25” and 23” models, the Epik delivers a smooth shooting experience along with a full resume of new technologies and features.

  • New VertaTune Clicker System
  • New Collet-style Tiller Bolts
  • Pro-Series Limb Adjustment Dowels
For the first time ever, our proven VertaTune clicker system is available in our Grand Prix lineup, including its most recent upgrades. We have built upon the success of our VertaTune system through introducing a full 360 degrees for cushion plunger lock-down, by recessing a machined aluminum plate into the riser. We also increased thread depth for better engagement, ensuring the cushion plunger is securely locked in place in all settings. Each Epik series riser comes with 3 machined aluminum VertaTune clicker plates for a low, medium and high rest/plunger position, allowing for 6mm of overall adjustment based on your preference and setup.
Our patented Pro Series tiller bolt gets an upgrade for 2017, and makes its way to the Grand Prix Series. This new design ensures that the tiller bolt remains centered in the pocket, in all conditions, by locking internally against the threads of the riser as the bolt is tightened. The result is ultimate accuracy and precise limb alignment.
Our revolutionary, patented Pro Series Limb Adjustment Dowels feature our standard left and right adjustability and now a new Independent Limb Tuning Technology which allows for micro adjustments to the limbs, ensuring they always stay centered and balanced throughout the draw cycle.

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