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X-Sight Pro Performance Shooting Glasses - 4 Lens

X-Sight Pro Performance Shooting Glasses - 4 Lens
  • X-Sight Pro Performance Shooting Glasses - 4 Lens

Our Price: £129.99
X-Sight Pro Performance Shooting Glasses - Set 4 Lens

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4 Interchangeable Lenses.

As expected at £129.99 we have been asked if these are any good and do they make any difference, the definitive answer is to try them and find out for yourself. Everyone'' sight and the colours they see is unique to them and light conditions play a big part in how our eyes adapt and how we see the target, string picture, peep clarity and keeping everything in line. As we move indoors hall lighting conditions could be described at best as poor mainly not bright or clear enough due to the colour of the light, this can play havoc with accuracy and the feel of the shot - this is where these glasses could help. Again the same applies outdoors but most likely in reverse where glare is more likely to change the pupil size and string picture/peep clarity.

Archery specific performance shooting glasses from X Sight Archery
Up your game and focus harder with the interchangeable, 4 lens pro archery shooting glasses set from X sight Archery. Designed specifically to maximise your field of vision, minimise obstruction, relax your eyes, optimise your shooting experience in different conditions, maximise your focus and enhance your shooting technique.

Lens colours included :

Emphasise the gold by decreasing the appearance of red
Suitable for low to medium light conditions
Indoor & outdoor

Subdue blue & red
Brighten conditions. Perfect for evening outdoor shooting.
Enhance contrast and clarity
Suitable for low light conditions
Indoor & outdoor

Subdue green and emphasise the gold by decreasing the appearance of red
Increase target contrast
Suitable for medium light conditions
Indoor & outdoor

Increased target contrast
Suitable for bright light conditions

Supplied in protective case

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