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uukha XX Monolith Carbon HM ILF Limbs 2018 The fastest ever uukha limb

uukha XX Monolith Carbon HM ILF Limbs 2018 The fastest ever uukha limb
  • uukha XX Monolith Carbon HM ILF Limbs 2018 The fastest ever uukha limb

Our Price: £768.00
uukha XX Monolith HM Carbon - ILF Limbs 2018

The unique manufacturing process and Patented design gives you a limb that performs at the highest level from shot to shot. 

This is the fastest limb uukha have designed and produced to date. 

Delivery allow 2-4 weeks (factory summer shut down 7 - 27 August so allow for this if the weeks overlap).

We are already a great fan of the very fast 2017 VX1000 "curve" limbs, where they offered a conventional linear smooth draw force curve, but that is where all comparisons stop with the new 2018 models. The use of HM carbon (half the thickness and stronger) makes these limbs lighter and faster, whilst retaining all that is good and unique about uukha limbs, from the torsional stability and straighter string travel for better accuracy, to stability of performance in all weather conditions.

These limbs look great in all finishes.

If you are looking for a very fast smooth limb then these are a real contender, we do not know of anything that comes close other than the uukha VX+ limbs which are not quite as fast 1-2fps but are smoother to draw than the XX uukha limbs.

Special order item however we will carry some of the more popular sizes

A High performance limb, with the "curve" profile which offers speed, smoothness, stability and lightness.
The use of high strength and high modulus unidirectional carbon fibre means that the mass is reduced and provides exceptional torsional stability.

The curve profile stores more energy whilst maintaining a smooth draw through the clicker.

Available in 2 varnish finishes:Standard Matt, Standard Glossy.
Also 3 decal finishes: Standard, Special Order Minimal Decals, Special Order Pro Staff Decals.

Sizes: Long, Medium and Short 24lb to 52lb in 2lb increments 

Note: Monolith Carbon HM
uukha are already class leading when it comes to speed, smoothness and torsional stability the use of "HM" moves this on a step further. A limb that stays constant regardless of the weather, a stable shot for more accuracy and even more speed. The torsional stability ensures that there is even less twisting of the limb during the shot which should improve arrow grouping.

We have been a uukha dealer and test centre since 2009, after 8 years of setting up, selling and shooting uukha products we have got to understand the idiosyncrasies of the unique manufacturing process and its effect on bow set up and arrow shaft selection. All of which our customers benefit from.

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