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uukha EX1 Evo2 ILF Limbs 2018 - In stock

uukha EX1 Evo2 ILF Limbs 2018 - In stock
  • uukha EX1 Evo2 ILF Limbs 2018 - In stock

Our Price: £311.99
uukha EX1 Evo2 ILF Limbs 2018

Limbs now in stock with more on the way.

Pre-order - allow 2- 4 weeks (factory summer shut down 7 - 27 August so allow for this if the 2-4 weeks overlap).

Although on the face of it these 2018 limbs look like nothing more than a decals change and a price increase, the fact is that the manufacturing processes have been been improved over the past 6 months as part of uukha's continuing commitment to improving their products across the range.

EX1 Evo2 limbs will be a stock item and we are awaiting our first delivery (stock will be shown in the drop down options). Experience over the last 8 years has proved that this model offer everything most club/county archers require without breaking the bank - many many satisfied users.

A proven limb offering great class leading performance, speed, smoothness and in this price range also class leading torsional stability for better accuracy.

A common sight on shooting lines in the UK and all over the World

A stable limb regardless of the weather, heat humidity.

Unique Monolith Carbon Evo2 construction means in normal use it cannot break or de-laminate.

For most archers probably the best limb you can buy without breaking the bank and without feeling you have had to make a compromise.

ILF limb fitting and the "Curve" profile (smooth draw past the clicker).

The smoothness and speed of these limbs allows many archers to drop draw weight compared to existing limbs without a loss of sight marks and for some there is even an improvement.

Other archers have found that the smoothness allows them to shoot a couple of pounds more - improving sight marks, arrow speed and more accuracy at the longer distances due to the lower trajectory and less time affected by the elements.

We have been a uukha dealer and test centre since 2009, after 8 years of setting up, selling and shooting uukha products we have got to understand the idiosyncrasies of the unique manufacturing process and its effect on bow set up and arrow shaft selection. All of which our customers benefit from.

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