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You can also return goods in person to our Rettendon Pro Shop - refunds will be re-credited to your card by our online staff not at the time in store.

12) Acceptance of an order:

No contract will subsist between you and Perris Archery for the sale of products by us to you until you receive an email confirming that the goods have been shipped and on their way to you. This will be deemed to be our acceptance of your offer and to have been effectively communicated to you. This is to be interpreted and enforced with the laws of England, in its entirety and will be subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts.

13) Contracts:
Contracts formed between Perris Archery and users as a result of using this site shall be governed in all respects by English law and all such users hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

14) Additional Terms and Conditions for the - 5% Discount for Repeat Customers.

Registered online customers can get 5% off their second and subsequent orders.

If you are already a customer and use the login facility then you will be able to benefit from this promotion immediately. But back orders and retrospective discounts are not allowed or included.

A registered customer qualifying for this promotion is one that has ordered and fully completed at least one order online. Orders placed at one of our Pro Shops, mobile shops or over the phone do not qualify.

Perris Archery reserves the right to withdraw the promotion at anytime.

"Uncompleted orders" (not qualifying for the promotion) are where the customer may have ordered items online but has returned the goods for a full refund, or in some way not completed the order or taken delivery of the goods.

For first time customers when you complete the checkout procedure you are asked for some details including your email address and a password. These details can then be used to login next time saving you time filling in your details. Please note we do not hold customer credit card details on file.

If you complete these details with your order then you will be able to login in the future and automatically receive a loyalty discount of 5% off any subsequent orders you place with us where the products qualify for this discount. This promotion excludes any delivery charges that may apply.

Delivery charges are subject to our standard terms and conditions of our free delivery offer. So orders must total £35.00 or more after the discount has been applied to be considered for the free delivery offer.

You must use the login email and password registered with your first order to qualify for the discount, it is your responsibility to securely keep a record of your login details and password, and the discount cannot be retrospectively applied if these details are not used when you place the order online.

Refunds and the return of goods are subject to our standard trading terms and conditions and monies refunded will be the actual amount paid by the customer (less any delivery costs and or Paypal transaction charges) using one of the accepted methods of payment, not the amount of the order before the discount was applied.

Unfortunately there are products and services excluded from the Repeat Customer 5% discount. : For example: All Training courses, Coaching Courses, Books, DVD's, Magazines, Gift Vouchers, All types of Bosses & Stands. 

Current market conditions, exchange rates and other financial factors also means that there are some individual products that are excluded from either the Repeat Customer Discount or Free Delivery promotions, this is indicated within the details of the product or category.


15) VAT (Value Added Tax)

For customers from the European Union, VAT of 20% is payable on all taxable goods. 

For customers outside the European Union VAT is not payable. Currently within the rules and regulations most items shipped to the Channel Islands and IOM exclude VAT.


16) Important Warranty Information regarding International Orders:

While the majority of products shipped abroad give a trouble free life, sometimes warranty service is required. 

For international orders and for all items Perris Archery will not cover shipping expenses for the return of goods or the sending out of replacement goods.  In all instances without exception you will be responsible for shipping costs both ways. 

Please also consider that it is a likely requirement of the manufacturer that faulty goods be sent back to the place of purchase.  Sometimes manufacturers may handle claims directly.  If you need to return goods to us please contact us first for details as to how to return the goods. Do not ship anything back to us without instructions from us first.

If this is not acceptable then please do not purchase from us.