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Shibuya Ultima RC Carbon Recurve Sight

Shibuya Ultima RC Carbon Recurve Sight
  • Shibuya Ultima RC Carbon Recurve Sight

Our Price: £239.00

Shibuya Ultima Carbon Recurve Sight 

Other colours and very few LH available (not black) to special order as the stock changes daily please call us 01245 400686

Our best selling top of the range sight we will be sad to see this one go, quality materials, engineering and accurate adjustment.

Rio Olympics - 61 out of 128 used this sight.

Shibuya Ultima Carbon RC recurve sight: A top of the range sight manufactured in Japan, which is still much lighter than most. It is made of high quality materials and to the high standards we have come to expect from Shibuya.

Very popular with top International archers

  • 0.002" Per click for both elevation and windage (20 Clicks per revolution)
  • Serrated release lever for smooth easy adjustments
  • Laser etched sight scales compatible with popular configuration software
  • 9" Carbon Composite Sight Extension Bar
  • Sight rail 5.20"
  • Available in 5 colours (Carbon Extension Black)
  • 8/32" Shibuya Sight Pin included but all standard 8/32" threaded sight pins will fit i.e Beiter, Spiga etc.
  • Simple to use & set up
  • In our opinion "Does everything you need in a sight and does not rattle or come loose"

Approx weight 218g

Archer advantage compatible. True no lock design sight block

Product excluded from all offers and promotions


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Chris B - Colchester

5 Stars

I've just added 8 to my personal best for a Portsmouth using this sight in combination with a Titan scope. It is beautifully engineered, with a solid but smooth feel to the coarse vertical adjustment. The clicks for the fine horizontal and vertical adjustments have a distinctive feel and are easy to count without needing to look. I ordered this in a black/black combination and it looks better in the flesh than it does on the website. I had considered a Sure-Loc Quest X instead, but I went for this as a lighter sight and I'm more than happy with it.

David - Colchester

5 Stars

I wanted to upgrade from what I would consider a beginners sight to a quality sight that would last, a sight for life so to speak. After hours of studying products, specs and reviews on websites and forums I chose the Shibuya Ultima. I have to say that I'm not disappointed and am very pleased with its craftsmanship and performance. From the moment I started using it my shots seemed more accurate and my scores reflected this. The ease of use is excellent from the exceptionally smooth movement of the sight block, to the defined and clean clicks of the fine adjustment. There seems to be plenty of room for windage adjustment, the carbon extension bar makes the sight light and the whole thing is robust and really well made. There is no comparison to my previous sight, I can see why some of the top archers use this product. You can rely on it when shooting at any distance, the smallest of adjustments is easy to make so when shooting at distances like 80yds to 100yds you can trust that the sight will perform well. The standard sight pin thread size allows for an upgrade to the sight pin if you want, something I may do, but there's nothing wrong with the one that comes with it. Overall, this is outstanding quality and well worth paying out that little bit extra for in my opinion, as I will never need to upgrade my sight again.

RH Black Normally in stock
Other colours and LH Special Order allow 7 Days

Product excluded from all offers and promotions.