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SALE uukha Ex1 Evo 2 Limbs (ILF) 2017

SALE uukha Ex1 Evo 2 Limbs (ILF) 2017
  • SALE uukha Ex1 Evo 2 Limbs (ILF) 2017
  • SALE uukha Ex1 Evo 2 Limbs (ILF) 2017
  • SALE uukha Ex1 Evo 2 Limbs (ILF) 2017
  • SALE uukha Ex1 Evo 2 Limbs (ILF) 2017
  • SALE uukha Ex1 Evo 2 Limbs (ILF) 2017

Our Price: £279.00
uukha Ex1 Evo2 Limbs (ILF) 2017

Grab a bargain once they have gone that's it.

Limited Selection of 2017 limbs in stock once they are gone that's it sold on a first come first served basis.

Shhhh - Please note as these limbs were produced just before the 2018 product announcement the only difference are the 2017 decals so benefit from a 3 year old price and all the benefits of the 2018 product.

"Probably the only limb many club/county level archers will ever need".

£ for £ in our opinion the best limb available today.

Our best selling uukha limb, offering a perfect balance between price and performance, often out performing limbs from other manufacturers that cost a lot more.

The EX1 EVO2 limbs incorporate the same limb profile as the top of the range Curve VX1000's. The limbs are thinner, lighter, smoother and faster than the original EVo1's, yet keep all those characteristics expected of an uukha limb especially limb tip torsional stability and performance.

Uukha's unique technology guaranties a perfectly straight limb, which will not twist or de laminate and will remain stable in all shooting conditions - basically set them up and go and shoot. Guatemala is not one of the most hospitable climates for limbs very hot and humid, these limbs have proven to work faultlessly - one of the countries top and up an coming FITA archers (one of our customers and previously coached by Richard Priestman) already putting in scores many of us would be happy to achieve.

The price of these limbs would suggest that they are an intermediate limb, but we have archers of all abilities shooting with them, from complete beginners to international archers. The unique construction and speed makes them ideal for Target and Field archery without breaking the bank.

Monolith C25, with 25% carbon fibre content and 75% unidirectional glass fiber is compressed in metallic moulds machined by CNC, under high pressure at high temperature.

Thanks to the visible weaved carbon and the monolithic structure, limbs offer a torsion stability superior to any laminated limb.

Core structure made of unidirectional carbon and glass is responsible for flexural resistance, high durability and good vibrations dampening.

Recommended by top coaches from all over the world.

Richard Priestman Olympic Coach GBR and also responsible for the rise of S American Countries up through the ranks - believes these are all the limb most archers in the UK will ever need.

Calculate your limb weight using the uukha calculator HERE this is a guide if you need help contact us. 

Sizes Short, Medium, Long
Weight 22lb to 40lb in 2lb increments
Fittings ILF Standard

We have been a uukha dealer and test centre since 2009, after 8 years of setting up, selling and shooting uukha products we have got to understand the idiosyncrasies of the unique manufacturing process and its effect on bow set up and arrow shaft selection. All of which our customers benefit from.

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David - Colchester

5 Stars

After some months of doing archery I reached that point where my current limbs were not strong enough for the distances I had progressed to. Hours of Internet research and experience of members from a few of the local clubs led me to these Uukha limbs. Why are so many experienced archers in the local clubs getting Uukha? After having these limbs for several weeks and shooting from 15yds to 100yds with them I can honestly say that they are living up to the reputation I have read and heard about. First time using them gave me an Andy Harris PB 12 points higher than before. They are really smooth, fast and quiet, and seem to feel lighter in weight than what they actually weigh in at, no doubt due to the quantity of carbon and technological design described on their website. The limbs are torsionally stiff and are not prone to any detrimental effects from heat or humidity. For my first Uukha limbs these could easily last me years, fulfilling all that anyone could need that wants a reliable, superb quality set of limbs, (and with no risk of delamination), so were well worth upgrading to. Probably my final set of limbs, although I am curious as to just what could improve in the other Uukha limbs available!

Limbs in stock listed under "Marked limb weight" selection

For limbs not in stock the lead-time is between 7 days and 5 weeks depending on stock at uukha and their production schedule, please contact us

We carry stock, have lots of backorders so we are receiving new stock weekly.

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