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27 December 2016


Well done Michael and Phill 2nd at the Beiter H2H Hit miss tournament.

Sort of pre destined when your team name is "The Nearly Men".... never the less a great result and a few quid in your pockets.


Meadow £118.00
Woodland £123.00
Mystic £84.00
Tundra £130.00
Black Forest £130.00
Savananah £130.00
Ickory £117.00
Aspen £125.00

17/10/16 Reminder


Our thoughts go out to all our friends and their families after the terrible events this morning. The priority is that they are and allowed to feel safe in their own country.
We expect that some of our deliveries will be delayed as Belgium observes 3 days of mourning.

16 March 2016

Lloyd Brown Workshop

On Friday 11 March at Rettendon we hosted a Workshop by AGB Olympic Coach Lloyd Brown organised and run by the Essex & Suffolk Coaching Guild.

The objective of the evening was for Lloyd to explain the skills and drills he would like to be taught to junior archers before they enter the Pathway Academy's.

The basis of his presentation and the drills that all present got to experience was to educate the coaches in the basics expected on the AGB Pathway scheme, this being that archers have good posture, a stable shooting platform and a good release using the correct muscles and bone alignment.

Lloyd was able to demonstrate and get most of the messages over within the 2 hours, a workshop that normally takes a weekend!.

Lloyd has left us with his presentation and videos, anyone who would like a copy please call first and then bring in a memory stick to either shop as the files total 800mb.

We were quite pleased that his ideas were close to our own and ones already practiced, although Lloyds emphasis was on the youngsters as this is where he believes our future champions will be found. We believe that they can be applied across all ages it's just the more ingrained old shooting form is the more work and dedication that is required to get it right.

We are also looking at the AGB Training Centre Program and whether this joint approach is the way we should be offering Performance Coaching.

4 November 2015 - Perris Archery Junior Indoor Postal League

We now have a facebook page which can be found here, it is for competitors and club organisers to post pictures and add comments.

3 November 2015 - Perris Archery Junior Indoor Postal League

Download PDF here

17 October 2015 - New Hoyt Bows 2016
This week we saw the launch of Hoyt's 2016 Bow line up.
On the recurve front there is no change to the current 2015 line up, the latest riser to be launched was earlier this year the Prodigy RX incorporating all the features of the Prodigy with Earl Hoyts original bow geometry for greater stability.
Traditional Bows the Buffalo and Triburon will get the option of the Hoyt Quattro limb in 35lb.40lb,50lb & 55lb.

So in the end after all the flashing lights and rousing music all the news was about the Compound range, a new bow called the Defiant in either Carbon or Aluminium - with Ultra Flex Limbs and DFX cams the limbs are a new venture for Hoyt as they bend back past Parallel (like some of the PSE's) for greater speed - Fortunately we have suitable bow presses to allow us to work on these bows without infringing on the warranty.

The Hyperflex is a new target bow again with the Ultra Flex limbs and DFX cams and available in the full range of target colours.

The ever popular junior bow the Ruckus and the Ignite will be now available in the full range of target colours.

The rest of the Target Compound range is the same as 2015.

Over the next few weeks we will start to see these bows becoming available in the meantime if you would like to know more or to pre order then please contact us.

16 Oct 2015 Graham Sibley RIP

The arrangements for Graham's funeral are as follows:  
22nd October 2015:  
12.30 - St Mary Magdalene Church, Church Lane, North Ockendon, Upminster RM14 3QH.
13.20 - Upminster Crematorium, Ockendon Road, Corbets Tey, Upminster RM14 2UY.
Returning to Church for Refreshments.
Family flowers only. Donations to McMillan Cancer Support can be forwarded to West & Coe, 38 Lodge Lane, Grays RM16 2YL.
It would be appreciated if you would contact David (david@hogblaster.co.uk) that he may know numbers attending, or with any queries you may have.

3 Oct 2015 - Fancy a new riser Win & Win will be releasing the following new national colours in the next few weeks - Now Taking pre - orders link here