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Hoyt Recurve Stealth Shot (Pair)

Hoyt Recurve Stealth Shot (Pair)
  • Hoyt Recurve Stealth Shot (Pair)

Our Price: £82.95
Hoyt Stealth Shot (sold and to be fitted to the riser as a pair)

The Hoyt Recurve Stealth Shot is a must have for serious recurve target shooters. By stopping the string at brace height, the stealth shots dampens limb vibration while improving accuracy and energy transfer to the arrow. With a more consistent nock-from-sting release, it is claimed you'll enjoy higher scores and a much more accurate set-up. The Recurve Stealth Shot can be fitted directly to the Formula ION-X nad 2015 Prodigy as an approved option

We also believe that this device has the potential to smooth out a poor release by controlling the finishing point of the string as the arrow is released. These could be one of the biggest innovations to accuracy since the introduction of the clicker and pressure button.

Some are now re-tapping their HPX risers (will invalidate warranty) to fit these. 

Hoyt ION-X pictures show how the stealth shots are fitted to the bow - FITA (World Archery) rules state that the string must not touch the rubber ends when the bow is braced, there must be a gap Hoyt recommend 1/8th inch.

Before installing the stealth shots it is important that you bow and arrows are set up and tuned giving you good arrow flight, any deficiencies in this area will soon be shown up with arrow clearance and poor grouping issues.

The feel of the shot is a reassuring thud taking out any vibrations. 

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