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Hot Shot Vapor Release Aid - Black

Hot Shot Vapor Release Aid - Black
  • Hot Shot Vapor Release Aid - Black

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Hot Shot Vapor Release Aid

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Thumb release
360 degree rotating fully adjustable thumb barrel
Adjustable trigger tension
Automatic closing jaw
Ultra crisp trigger.
3 or 4 Finger
Made in the USA

The thumb trigger is directly connected to the hook on the bowstring that releases w/ an over-center mechanism. The linkage works against spring tension. The hook opens as the trigger is pulled & closes the moment the trigger is let go. BUT once pressure is applied to the hook during draw, the hook does not move until release. You feel no trigger travel--simply increase thumb pressure until release happens. How much pressure is required before release is fully adjustable. There is a wide range of adjustments for thumb barrel height, fore & aft, & angle positions. Space age coating & hardening gives incredbile durability & smoothness. 

Download Operating Instructions PDF here
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