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FiberBow 5.3 Matt Black 23" Riser RH

FiberBow 5.3 Matt Black  23" Riser RH
  • FiberBow 5.3 Matt Black 23" Riser RH

Our Price: £475.00

FIBERBOW 5.3 Matt Black 23" Riser

Available in Right Hand limited availability - Special order allow 2 weeks.

Ideal for Adults and Juniors looking for a shorter lighter bow (64" 66" & 68" Bow with short, Medium or Long Limbs)

The FB 5.3 weighs around 580g and is made in the same unique way as the FB 6.3

A great bow for all abilities and ages, the lighter weight allows more control over the shot.

The FB 5.3's mass weight is around 580g but very strong due to the 3D design and the way the Carbon Fibre has been laid down. Carbon is part of the integral structure unlike some carbon risers where it is used as a wrap around an internal frame.

Well its taken quite a bit of time but this handle now has international recognition amoungst coaches and archers, no longer do you hear jibes about it being too light or it only being a niche product for those that have to shoot with a light handle.

The FiberBow is still the lightest carbon fibre handle on the market today and a proven winner on the International circuit both in Target and Field Archery (Olympic Silver Medal for Mauro Nespoli (ITA) Men’s Recurve).

All FiberBows supplied with a black plastic 3D Medium grip as standard

  • Weight: approx 580g
  • Riser Length: 23in
  • Colour: Matt Black
  • Grip Medium 3D Plastic - Black 
  • Accepts all International fitting limbs (ILF Hoyt's Grand Prix (HDS)
  • Supplied with clicker plate
  • Sight mounting threads: 10-24 UNC (3/16) standard screws supplied with most sights.
  • Clicker thread: M4
  • Button/Stabilizer threads: 5/16th

The FiberBow is totally unique in that it is a quality tournament riser constructed out of carbon fibre with no internal bolstering. It is not just made out of carbon fibre because it might be flavour of the month, it really is the next step up from a metal handle.  Weighing in at just under 600grams (at least half the weight of most quality metal risers and still over 600 grams lighter than any of the the Win & Win offerings) it is very light in the hand, yet the new unibonding and layered carbon construction makes it very strong.

The lack of dead weight also provides greater options and flexibility with regards to stabiliser balance, feel and most importantly bow control even on very windy days - contrary to what some would like you to believe.

Adding weight to this handle is not a crime as you still get all the benefits of the carbon design whilst at the same time you have an additional 6-900g flexibility over the rest of the handles available in the market place. This allows you to get all the balance and weight just right. Interestingly some archers have been surprised after experimenting at the total weight that works best for them compared to their old set up.

The FiberBow is a good option for archers of all abilities who find (or do not realise) that the weight of their conventional riser is hampering their archery (especially those last few dozens of a round) or causing physical problems with their bow shoulder. In fact it might seem strange given how high tec the handle is that we have seen that those that are benefiting most from this technology are archers that do not spend hours in the gym or spend most of their time shooting arrows. Whether you are a complete beginner or experienced county archer, the  total control of how much dead weight you hold means that you can concentrate on making good shots, not fighting the weight of the handle and the penalties for not being as fit as you would like are not punished as much towards the end of a tournament.

How strong is it and does the handle twist? - Simple answer is NO: The handle is subject to the most stringent testing, recently (in 2010) we had a enquiry from a customer who wanted to fit 80lb limbs and asked us if this would be ok, the answer from FiberBow was yes, the riser is tested and warrantied up to 100lb!!!!. Further to this at Nimes 2009 FB used the recurve handle to to create a one off compound bow.

Arrow rests: Most popular stick on rests will fit with the exception of the Beiter rest as the base is too deep, we suggest the Shibuya, Spiga Evolution Iron 2, or the Cartel Flipper but if you are unsure please ask. Currently there is not a wrap round magnetic rest that fits.

Plunger/Burger buttons standard 5/16": The Beiter button that fits the bow (with stick on rest) is model PL6527 5/16th-24: Length 21.5mm to 27mm. We recommend the Beiter, Spiga Click or Secure and the Shibuya DX but again this is a personal choice.

ILF limb pockets: The handle has international fit limb pockets (Uukha, Hoyt, Win & Win, Sebastien Flute, Kap Kaya & Samick) the pockets are aligned electronically and finished off by hand for accurate limb centre fit and adjustable for weight and tiller. The limb pocket is very strong and a BAB limb bolt is now supplied standard with each handle for fine adjustment of limb alignment.

FiberBow Made in Italy. 

We are an authorised Fiberbow Dealer and to our knowledge the only dealer in the the UK that carries stock and has them to view in a showroom. We also have demo bows so you can try these bows in our shooting ranges. With over 10 years of practical experience - shooting and setting up Fiberbow's we are well placed to help you get the most from this unique product.

1 Year Manufacturers warranty

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