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CARBON EXPRESS Shafts arrows & components

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Carbon Express Arrow Shafts & Components

Carbon Express arrow shafts are ideal for Target and Field Archery.
Company Website: http://www.carbonexpressarrows.com/
Download the 2014 catalogue:
We can source all shafts and components - call for best prices (lead times 5-14 working daysfor items not stocked).
In the UK some target clubs do restrict the use of all carbon shafts (if so look at Easton A/C shafts X10 ACE ACG ACC) because they cannot be found with a metal detector, this sometimes extends to Archery GB open tournaments on the same grounds, however, these all carbon shafts cannot be banned for World Archery (FITA) World Record Status Events regardless of local restrictions or conditions. Field archery is different and we do not know of any such restrictions.

There does not seem to be any restrictions indoors.